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Let’s start off by understanding the differences between “landing pages” and the home page.

Landing pages contain dedicated content for a specific product or service. Traffic is usually generated through a marketing campaigns for a solution you offer. Adverts target people with a specific problem you can solve. They respond to your advert which directs them to a specific page which contains the content that supplies a solution to their problem. Because content is written to provide one solution to one problem, the conversion rate is much better than the effect of someone landing on your home page.

Home pages attract traffic from a variety of sources and have often been seen by business owners as their opportunity to tell visitors about their business and describe all the services that are available.

The result is that many visitors fail to see the relevance of the page as a solution to their problem.

So what should you consider for your homepage design if the content has to fulfil many needs?

This infographic designed by the team at Hubspot outlines 12 critical elements.

 Infographic for Homepage Conversion Elements

  1. Headline – A website needs to answer within 3 seconds, “What does the site offer”. Keep headlines clear and simple.
  2. Sub-Headline – Describe the value proposition for what you offer.
  3. Benefits – Describe the benefits from using your product or service.
  4. Primary Calls To Action – Offer two or three CTA’s above the fold.
  5. Features – List key features to educate people on what you provide.
  6. Customer Proof – Include Testimonials with images to build trust.
  7. Success Indicators – Include Stats, Qualifications, Industry Awards and any articles by third parties.
  8. Navigation – Place Menu bars where people expect to see them, at the top of the page.
  9. Supporting Image – Most people are visual. Use an image that clearly indicates what you offer. (Don’t use stock photos of fake business people). Short videos work well too.
  10. Content Offer – As a method of generating leads from your homepage, feature a really great content offer such as a whitepaper, ebook or guide.
  11. Resources – Approximately 96% of the visitors to your website are not ready to buy. Make sure you offer a link to a resource centre where they can learn more, or provide an opportunity to learn more on how to solve their problem through an email sequence.
  12. Secondary Calls to Action – When visitors end at the bottom of your homepage, don’t forget to display calls to action there as well for more lead generation opportunities.

Hubspot offer a free website analysis to help you analyse these 12 conversion elements for your website.